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Archdeacons' Visitation News

An annual newsletter from the Archdeacons for Churchwardens and parish officers

Responding to the Refugee Crisis

As one of the few institutions at the heart of many communities, the role of churches in alleviating the suffering of those affected by the recent refugee crisis has been pivotal.

This booklet sheds light on the crisis, and celebrates the work of churches in the Diocese, as they seek to serve the common good and build God’s Kingdom.  

Parish Support Fund resources

New resources for 2016 were sent to all PCC at the end of April. downloads of the materials are available from the link below

Public Policy presentation to Diocesan Synod

The linked PowerPoint presentation was first shown at the March 2016 Diocesan Synod meeting by the Revd Canon Dr Rosemarie Mallett, Diocesan Public Policy Adviser.

Capital Projects Manual

This is intended as a guide to help parishes who hope to develop Capital projects as part of their Mission Action Plan. Parishes are asked to use this process to access Diocesan advice and resources.

The manual will help parishes to:

  • Decide and own the process in PCC meetings
  • Develop precise and detailed plans from your idea
  • Identify and contact Diocesan advisors
  • Consult with the congregation and local community
  • Prepare the Statement of Need for the Diocesan Advisory Committee
  • Foresee difficulties and tackle them
  • Manage the design stages
  • Secure permissions including Faculty and planning
  • Manage capital expenditure
  • Celebrate your success

Holy Land Pilgrimage 2016 Blog

Click here to read the Pilgrimage Blog written daily on the 2016 Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Strategy for Ministry final report

At the November 2015 Diocesan Synod, the Bishop of Croydon (Chair of the Strategy for Ministry Implementation Group) presented a final report on Strategy for Ministry. The members of Synod were asked to:

  • Receive the report.
  • Approve it as the direction for the strategic development of the Diocese for the next triennium.
  • Request the Diocesan Council of Trustees to ensure that the structures are in place to implement and monitor the suggested outcomes.
  • Request all members of Synod to actively and positively communicate, explain and promote the Vision (Appendix 2) and key Outcomes (paragraphs 9 –12) of the Report at all levels of the Diocese, including Deanery Synods, so that people, parishes and Deaneries are ready for the start on the implementation stage.
  • Request the Diocesan Council of Trustees to provide progress reports to Diocesan Synod on a regular basis.

The report was received and approved unanimously.

Fit for Purpose

The Fit for Purpose Report is the result of a process which is designed to reshape the governance of the Diocese to make it more appropriate for the 21st century.

A motion for the acceptance of the proposals contained within the report was passed with no objections at the July 2015 Diocesan Synod meeting.

'The World in a Diocese'

'The World in a Diocese' is the report of an independent review of the Diocesan Minority Enthnic Anglican Concerns Committee. Click here to read/download the report.

Everyday People

The National Church has just published 'Everyday People - God's Gift to the Church of England' - a booklet on Minority Ethnic Vocations. Click here to read/download it.

A Framework for the use of parish buildings by independent churches

There is a wide variety of practice across churches in the arrangements for the use of Church of England buildings by independent congregations and also a diversity in the nature of the relationships between the local parish church and those who use its premises.  There is however a wide recognition on all sides that greater consistency is needed across the Diocese. 

This guidance, written by John Richardson (former Diocesan Ecumenical Adviser) sets out some possibilities and first attempts to clarify some underlying issues.

Diocesan Clergy Conference 2014
'Hearts on Fire'

Scripts from the speakers at the Diocesan Clergy Conference will be added here as and when they are received.

Report from Deaneries : Mission or Mystery?
- the 14th National Conference on The Deanery

Click here to read the report from those who attended the Deaneries National Conference on 3-5 October.

Report from the Diocesan Review into
Non-Stipendiary Ministry

The Report, which was launched as part of a celebration of Non-Stipendiary Ministry in Southwark Cathedral on 25 September 2014, can be downloaded here.

Second Report of the Root & Branch Working Group

Approved by the Bishop’s Council on 17 July 2014 and passed by Diocesan Synod at their meeting on 7 September 2014.
The report can be downloaded here.

Diocesan Theological Conversations Group

The Diocesan Theological Conversations Group meets three times a year to consider the big issues facing the Church, such as the theology of pluralism, the doctrine of mission and salvation, divine action, environmental theology and climate change, genetics and human development, justice and poverty issues.  

More information is available here.

Strategy for Ministry

At its meeting of November 2012, the Southwark Diocesan Synod approved the Strategy for Ministry report - a major piece of work outlining the way forward for Southwark Diocese over the next five years. Click here to go to the Strategy for Ministry section containing details of the process as well as reports, resources and contacts.

Parish Statistics

Click here for new resources from the Church of England Research and Statistics Department and Church Urban Fund to help parishes understand more about their parishes and their place in the local community. This is based on information from the 2011 Census.

Diocesan Environmental Policy

Download the Diocesan Environmental Policy 'Taking Care of God's Creation' here and details of the Environment Working Group here.

Click here to go to the Environment Working Group page

General Synod Resources

How to find out more about General Synod

Southwark - Zimbabwe Links

Croydon Area - linked with the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe

Contact - Rosemary Kempsell -
Len Abrams - 07941 095086

Croydon - Central Zimbabwe Link website

Kingston Area - Linked with the Diocese of Matabeleland

Contact - The Revd Richard Sewell - 020 8288 7690

Kingston - Matabeleland Link website

Woolwich Area - linked with the Diocese of Manicaland

Contact - The Venerable Alastair Cutting - 020 7939 9400

Woolwich - Manicaland Link website

Southwark Cathedral - linked with the Diocese of Masvingo

Contact - The Revd Canon Dr Stephen Hance - 020 7939 9400

More details here

Ministry Matters

Whilst mainly directed at Clergy, Readers and SPAs, some of these courses on a range of subjects to resource Christian life and ministry are open to all.

The 2015/16 Course booklet is available to download here.

Common Tenure

Information & resources for clergy affected by the move to Common Tenure.

Diocesan Handbook & Resources Guide

An electronic version (PDF format) of the Handbook & Resources Guide is available to download here. It is sub-divided into three parts:

Part One contains three sections of background information about the way the Diocese of Southwark is organised and run, together with some historical and biographical material

Part Two contains the Pastoral Regulations

Part Three consists of a series of substantial articles (called Guidance Notes) on aspects of Diocesan policy and practice.

Woolwich Episcopal Area Resource Exchange

Now over 1600 items available for loan to parishes within the Southwark Diocese – Books, DVDs, Godly Play equipment, training materials, play scheme apparatus, group study materials and much more.


Residential & Retreat Centres