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World Mission & Development

The Diocesan World Mission and Development Group has been gradually building a relationship with several hundred people in parishes across the diocese - people who have a commitment to mission, an interest in the World Church and a concern for world development.

Such people can feel like lone voices in their own community and they have clearly appreciated the support the Diocesan Group has been able to offer them. They have welcomed occasional meetings to bring them together around relevant issues and have appreciated the resources and ideas they have received from one another and from the mission and development agencies.

On the strength of their response, the World Mission and Development Group has been encouraged to put this file together as a further step in raising the profile of mission and development issues
within the parishes of the diocese.

The Resource File contains:

  • A reminder of the biblical and theological reasons why mission is not an optional extra for the Church (for use as discussion starters, magazine articles or sermon outlines).
  • Information about the Southwark-Zimbabwe Link.
  • Contact details for the major World Church and World Mission agencies with whom the Group has close and regular contact.
  • Contact details for the major World Development agencies who see themselves as part of the Church's mission.
  • A step by step approach to establishing a mission link overseas for your parish.
  • Some practical advice about receiving visitors from other parts of the world.
  • A description of the World Mission and Development Group.

We hope you will find the material in this resource file useful. You may wish to add other relevant material to it. You may wish to pass it to your Mission Committee to stimulate their thinking or to those leading study groups or preparing intercessions.

Finally, we hope this material will help to raise the profile of mission and development issues in the life of your church, not least in worship and liturgy and not only with adults. There are so many occasions in the year that lend themselves as natural opportunities: not only Christian Aid Week and One World Week, not only Pentecost and Harvest, but Racial Justice Sunday in September, St Andrews Tide in November, World Aids Day in December and many more.