The Bridge
July/August 1998
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About Us
The Editorial Team

This is an edited version of The Bridge produced by Kent Christian Press and published by Communications and Resources on behalf of The Diocese of Southwark, Trinity House, 4 Chapel Court, Borough High Street, London SE1 1HW. Tel: 020-7939 9400 Fax: 020-7939 9468.

Managing Editor
Wendy S. Robins (Communications and Resources)

Paper Editor
Bryan Harris (Kent Christian Press)

Internet Editor
Stuart Grove (BrainStorm)


No appointment yet, contact
Patrick Olivier (020-7939 9400)


Wendy Saunders (020-8854 7574)

Editorial Advisory Board
John Anson
Douglas Bartles-Smith (Chair)
Mark Bennet
Adeline Cole
Hugh Montefiore
Patrick Olivier
Paul Perkin
Wendy S. Robins (Secretary)
Wendy Saunders
Tom Sutcliffe

Advertising: 01634 401611
Circulation: 01474 852474

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