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In the Diocese of Southwark Communications is managed by the Communications & Resources Department, based at Trinity House.

The department was formed in 1992 by the amalgamation of the Communications Officer's role and the Christian Stewardship Department. It was thought that one of the major obstacles to promoting Christian Stewardship within the Diocese was a problem of communication and that joining these two functions together would help ease the difficulty.

Over the years the Communications function has grown to keep pace with the rise of the media in all its forms. The main purpose of Communications is twofold:

Internal communications: between the Diocese and the parishes within the Diocese

External communications: between the Diocese of Southwark (including its parishes) and the outside world - usually the media.

This includes being responsible for the Diocesan Website, The Bridge, design & layout of Diocesan publications and liaison with the media both local and national.


Director of Communications & Resources and Bishop's Press Officer
Wendy S Robins
Tel: 020 7939 9400
Mobile: 07831 694021

Diocesan Communications Officer
Steve Harris
Tel: 020 7939 9437
Mobile: 07949 679401

Diocesan Social Media Officer
Daniel Stone
Tel: 020 7939 9439
Mobile: 07904 785172

Departmental Administrator
Susana Rojas


Communications and Resources
Trinity House
4 Chapel Court
Borough High Street
London SE1 1HW

Tel: 020-7939 9400
Fax: 020-7939 9468