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The Bishop of Southwark's Lent Appeal 2016

On these pages, you will find the information about 2016's Bishop's Lent Call.

Information about the 2017 Lent Call will be published in January 2017.

Caring for the Whole Person


This letter may be downloaded in PDF format here.

A Pastoral Letter from Bishop Christopher

As we look forward to Lent I am pleased to be able to commend to you the materials for my Lent Call. For many years here in the Diocese, the Bishop’s Lent Call has raised money for projects both within our own Diocese and overseas. In 2015 we were able to give grants totalling nearly £80,000 to our Link Dioceses in Zimbabwe and to projects that work with people in our Diocese. As we spend time in prayer and contemplation this Lent I hope that you will feel able to generously support the work we are supporting in Zimbabwe, the Holy Land and locally.

It is so important that we each use Lent to prepare properly for our Lord’s passion, death and resurrection; reflecting prayerfully on our own lives and how best to live as God would want. There are so many people in need in our world and this is our chance to help to do something for some of them. Please do think about how much you can give and how best to give it.

This year, for the first time, we have included some ideas for activities that people might want to try in order to gather money to give to the Lent Call, these involve hunger lunches as well as other, more active, ways of raising money. Do take a look at the booklet and give them a try.

In addition, we have produced two sets of greetings cards which can be bought from Trinity House (order form here) or from the Southwark Cathedral shop. They offer images from Zimbabwe and raise money for the Lent Call. They are blank for you to use in whatever way you wish but do please consider purchasing some of these as all profits will go to the Lent Call.

It is possible to give to the Lent Call by text and online (details can be found here) as well as by cheque, which should be sent to Richard Coe at Trinity House. You will find worship sheets for use in schools or Sunday Schools and material for use in sermons. Do follow our twitter feed (@southwarkcofe) and our blog as we will be adding extra material about the projects each week. I hope and pray that you will find them useful as you encourage those in your care to use Lent well and to give generously to the Bishops’ Lent Call.

The theme for the 2016 Lent Call is ‘Caring for the Whole Person’. We have selected projects from the Holy Land, some of which will be visited by the pilgrims on the Diocesan Pilgrimage which takes place during Lent 2016. We have also included projects from Zimbabwe and this Diocese which seek to look at caring for the whole person, including education, healthcare and employment. Alongside our giving is also a call to prayer for these projects and the needs they address. The projects we are assisting this year are listed overleaf to help you, and the communities you lead and serve, frame your use of the Lent Call during this holy season.

With my thanks and prayers for your work in the service of the Kingdom,

+Christopher Southwark