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Ministry & Training

Welcome to the Ministry & Training Department of the Diocese of Southwark. We hope that you find these pages useful and that you can locate the information you are seeking.

The Department of Ministry & Training exists to provide knowledge and skills training for parish ministry. This covers a wide area of work. In Ministry & Training, you will find the people responsible for some lay Christian education in the Diocese, for the training of Readers and Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries, for the discernment of a possible calling to ordained ministry and for the continuing professional development and formation of lay and ordained ministers. The Diocesan safeguarding officer is also part of Ministry & Training.

The work of Ministry & Training is enhanced by Readers, Southwark Pastoral Auxiliaries, clergy and lay people who contribute to selection process, to courses and to continuing professional development. It is made possible by a high quality administrative team.

In these pages, you will find information on the courses run by Ministry & Training and on other matters –such as care of the Diocesan library- which come under its remit. You can click the links to the left for more about these and for some information about Christian education beyond the department.

Everything undertaken by officers in the Ministry & Training department is done to further Christian ministry. Ministry is exercised whenever we serve others; Christian ministry is the service of others in imitation of Jesus of Nazareth, of whom we are told that he came, not to be served, but to serve.