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Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns (MEACC)


The role of MEACC is to ensure that equality of opportunity is fully reflected in and forms an integral part of all structures and processes within Southwark Diocese and that the concerns of minority ethnic Anglicans are addressed and acted upon.

The MEACC Executive Officer is Lola Brown

Tel: 020 7939 9418

E-mail Lola Brown

'The World in a Diocese'

'The World in a Diocese' is the report of an independent review of the Diocesan Minority Enthnic Anglican Concerns Committee. Click here to read/download the report.


  • Works with all levels of the Diocesan and Parish structure to bring about increased opportunities for participation and representation by minority ethnic Anglicans across the Diocese as a whole
  • Promotes racial justice concerns
  • Monitors the level of participation of minority ethnic communities in Diocesan life for review and action by the appropriate decision-making bodies
  • Circulates information on racism/racial justice and other subjects helpful to the education of church members in the Diocese.

MEACC can help the parishes by:

  • providing training to clergy and PCCs on racial and cultural awareness
  • organising vocations roadshows in order to encourage black and minority ethnic members to offer themselves for the church's accredited ministries
  • organising its members and others to undertake preaching engagements which aim to promote greater racial inclusiveness in the life of parishes
  • organising events to help give black and minority ethnic members of the congregations within the Diocese a voice in structures and organisation of the Diocese
  • working in support of the Black and Minority Ethnic Forum
  • running workshops to foster the knowledge, skills and attitudes that give members the confidence to participate in public meetings
  • providing advice on all matters relating to race and ethnicity in the church.

MEACC organises two annual events, the Southwark Diocese Black and Minority Ethnic Forum and the Youth Conference, to which all are invited.

Members of MEACC can advise and speak on a wide range of issues in race relations and minority ethnic concerns like: Black history and culture; the Gospel, race and culture; Black youth and the church; equal opportunities; cultural awareness.

Each Area has its own MEACC and the following Convenors can be contacted for information concerning Area events:


Mrs Janet Mukiibi
Mayfield Manor
London SE25 4TA



Rev Dr Rosemarie Mallett
St John's Vicarage
49 Wiltshire Road
London SW9 7NE



Revd Stanley Njoka
77 Coldharbour Lane

The BME Forum can also be contacted via its Chair:

Mr Michael Phillips
21 Russell Road