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Caring about our world

Public Policy Group

The Public Policy Group is responsible for the development and monitoring of the delivery of Diocesan policy and action on issues of social responsibility and regeneration. The main focus for this work is the parishes though this does not preclude the creation of partnerships with statutory and voluntary organisations and ecumenical partners.

It is underpinned by a theological understanding that outreach and mission must include an understanding and a commitment to social action. It draws on the biblical imperative outlined by Jesus in St. Luke Chapter 4 vs. 18-19.

The group meets 4 times a year and is accountable to the Bishop's Council.

Sub Groups

  • Far Right Political Parties
  • Health and Well Being
  • Environment Working Group
  • Social and Economic Regeneration
  • Irregular Migrants and Refugees

Associated Bodies


Chair - appointed by the Bishop

3 elected within the Episcopal Areas

5 co-opted

Total 15

The members will be expected to bring both knowledge and experience of the areas of work to ensure informed discussion. It is proposed that the membership is a mix of laity and clergy with the co-options to fill identifiable skills paying heed to the Diocesan equal opportunities policy.

The quorum for decision making is initially set at 50%.