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Public Policy Group

The Public Policy Group (formerly the Social Responsibility and Regeneration Working Group) is responsible for the development and monitoring of the delivery of Diocesan policy and action on issues of social responsibility and regeneration. The main focus for this work is the parishes though this does not preclude the creation of partnerships with statutory and voluntary organisations and ecumenical partners.

It is underpinned by a theological understanding that outreach and mission must include an understanding and a commitment to social action. It draws on the biblical imperative outlined by Jesus in St. Luke Chapter 4 vs. 18-19.

The group will meet 4 times a year and is accountable to the Bishop's Council.


Chair - appointed by the Bishop - The Revd Stephen Sichel

3 elected within the Episcopal Areas

5 co-opted

Total 15

The members will be expected to bring both knowledge and experience of the areas of work to ensure informed discussion. It is proposed that the membership is a mix of laity and clergy with the co-options to fill identifiable skills paying heed to the Diocesan equal opportunities policy.

The quorum for decision making is initially set at 50%.

Definition of terms

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is the churches ministry that is rooted in and developed through social action. In addition it covers activities both in the context of action and reflection that is linked to social and public policy.


Regeneration is concerned with the economic and social change within communities and neighbourhoods. The churches contribution in this context is to ensure that local communities gain through the physical regeneration of their communities.

The group:

  • With the Advisers draws up a work plan for submission and approval by the Bishop's Council. The plan is monitored on a regular basis and reviewed annually.
  • Monitors and reviews the development of new and existing work within the fields of both social responsibility and regeneration.
  • Supports the advisers who are accountable to the working group for their work. (The advisers are listed below)
  • Receives progress reports from the advisers on a regular basis and engages on proposals for new projects.
  • Supports the work of a number of small specialist project groups who report as requested on their work to the working group. (The working groups are listed below)
  • Encourages theological reflection on social policy and regeneration, publishing occasional papers as appropriate.
  • Monitors issues and reports on social responsibility and regeneration that are passed down to dioceses from the Division of Mission and Public Affairs of the Archbishop's Council.
  • Works in partnership with the Diocesan working groups on Mission, Evangelism, Spiritual Formation & Church Growth, Children and Young people and the Ministry and Training committee as appropriate.

Specialist Project groups

  • Faith in the Countryside
  • Housing and Homelessness Network
  • London SCARE
  • Mission in London's Economy
  • Prisons and Penal Affairs
  • Relationships and Family Matters
  • Regeneration working group
  • Urban Mission and Ministry/Urban Umbrella
  • Social Responsibility and Regeneration Advisers group*
  • Southwark Diocesan Church Urban Fund Committee

*The Advisers

Social Responsibility Adviser and Executive Secretary - Croydon Area Mission Team

Community Development Adviser - Woolwich Area Mission Team

The Bishop's Adviser on Regeneration (half time) - The Rector of Christ Church Blackfriars

Church Urban Fund Adviser- Trinity House

Industrial Chaplain (Half time) - Kingston Episcopal Area

The Advisers meet once a month with an extended meeting of colleagues linked into the wider Regeneration Social Responsibility arena every third month.