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Safeguarding People

Training Materials

Resources for Parishes completing a safeguarding self-audit

The five documents need to be opened in the following order:

Presenting ‘A Safe Church’ to your PCC

This PowerPoint presentation is adapted from the 2008/2009 training presentations, and takes 10-15 minutes to run.  Some churches are finding that the following process instigates a lively, focused and informed discussion:

circulate to members of the PCC in advance the three policies in Section 2, and at the same time signpost them to your copy of A Safe Church, the CD, and the link on the diocesan website, encouraging them to look in advance of the meeting

  • at the meeting, allow at least 30 minutes for the item; deliver the PowerPoint presentation as a lead in to the discussion
  • pass a resolution asking the PCC to adopt the policies, procedures and guidelines
  • nominate key players (see list above) to take forward an action plan for implementation in your church, and report back to the PCC at appropriate intervals. 

Presenting ‘A Safe Church’ to your Church Community Centre/Hall

This PowerPoint presentation is an adaptation of the PCC presentation above, for use with management committees or representative users of your church hall or centre, and serves as a focused and informed introduction to discussion. 

Those attending should ideally be circulated, in advance of the meeting, with the three policies in Section 2, pages 4-51 and 4-52, and other relevant excerpts from A Safe Church.  They can also be signposted to your copy of A Safe Church, the CD, and the link on the diocesan website.

Presenting Safeguarding to your congregation

This presentation on safeguarding was used in a morning service at a church in the diocese.  It works best if there is interaction between the person leading it and members of the congregation, eg allowing them to ‘buzz’ with people near them, using a roving mike for comments.  It could be used for any congregational gathering, and is designed to help get the message across that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, as well as share information about how it is done in the local church.  Obviously it needs adapting for local use.

A display on safeguarding for your church

Reflecting the presentation for congregations, this display can be printed and used to promote what safeguarding children and adults means in the local church.  It will need adapting for local use.

Safeguarding for Workers with Children and Vulnerable Adults

This PowerPoint presentation can be used interactively when training your youth and children’s workers, and contains a mixture of information and case study material.

Safeguarding Cards for Children’s Workers

Hayley Smith, Children’s Pastor and PSO at St Mark’s Battersea, has designed this card to give to all paid and volunteer workers with children in her parish.  The size of a credit card, on one side it is an easy and accessible reminder of  principles of working with children, and on the flipside it says what to do if concerned. 

It is available as a Word document so you can download and personalise it for your own church if you wish.

Safeguarding Adults – “Because you said something”

A 6 minute film from Surrey Safeguarding Adults Board, which aims to raise awareness of safeguarding adults and to remind us of our role in ensuring their safety.  The DVD presents five simple case studies based on events that happened within Surrey, and encourages everyone to report any concerns they have about adult abuse or neglect.  It is an excellent introduction to discussion. 

Copies are available from

Free e-learning courses

Take the first step flyer

The London Borough of Southwark Safeguarding Children Board offers a FREE e-learning course for anyone who works with children in a voluntary or paid capacity. It gives basic knowledge about protection of children and young people from harm and abuse. Until March 2009 it is available at no charge regardless of whether you live or work within the borough. More information at, or download the flier.

Please inform the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser of current safeguarding training opportunities in the diocese, for promotion on this page.


Safeguarding vulnerable adults/Mental Capacity Act 2005

Southwark Borough also offers e-learning opportunities on the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and Safeguarding Adults. 

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Safeguarding Adults:
Username:      swarkccfsafead
Password:        sccfswarksa1

Mental Capacity:
Username: swarkccfmcact
Password: sccfswarkmca1