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Area Mission Teams

Croydon Area Mission Team

Where to find us

Croydon Area Mission Team office

St Matthew's House
100 George Street
Surrey CR0 1PJ

Tel: 020 8256 9630
E-mail Croydon AMT:

We are based in St Matthew's House, 100 George Street, Croydon CR0 1PJ - opposite East Croydon station. This makes us easily accessible by train, tram and even by air - we are only 25 minutes from Gatwick Airport. Our offices also allow space for a chapel and a large meeting room.

The Croydon Area Mission Team comprises a group of people whose charge is to serve the clergy, parishes and institutions of the Croydon Episcopal Area of the Diocese of Southwark. The Area Bishop of Croydon works closely with the Archdeacons of Croydon and Reigate, Advisers and PAs. We work closely together and meet regularly to spend time together as a team and discuss areas of mutual concern. The Advisers are accountable jointly to the Croydon Area Mission Team and to the Diocesan working group or board responsible for their field of work.

What we stand for

Members of the Area Mission Team, believing that all people are made in the image and likeness of God and equally loved by him, make a commitment to justice, evangelism, mission and partnership in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in our varied setting.

We commit ourselves to be an integrated and co-ordinated resource team, available to encourage and help in parochial ministry, through offering expertise, experience, training and resource materials and time. We commit ourselves to work collaboratively with other agencies and denominations, at all area levels from parish to borough and beyond.

Who's Who

Rt Revd Jonathan Clark

Rt Revd Jonathan Clark

The Rt Revd Jonathan Clark

Bishop of Croydon and
Acting Archdeacon of Reigate

Bishop Jonathan was consecrated at Southwark Cathedral on Thursday 21 March 2012 and took up his duties as Bishop of Croydon in May 2012.

St Matthew's House
100 George Street
Surrey CR0 1PE

Tel: 020 8256 9630

E-mail Bishop Jonathan

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Nadina Bedlow

PA to the Bishop of Croydon

Tel: 020 8256 9632

E-mail Nadina Bedlow

Rt Revd Jonathan Clark

The Venerable Chris Skilton

The Venerable Chris Skilton

Archdeacon of Croydon

Tel: 020 8256 9633

E-mail Chris Skilton

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Susan Wheeler

PA to the Archdeacons

Tel: 020 8256 9633

E-mail Susan Wheeler

Anglican Ecumenical Borough Deans

Croydon Borough - The Revd Canon Trevor Mapstone
Sutton Borough - The Revd Justine Middlemiss

Other Area Contacts

Area Ecumenical Adviser: The Revd Mark R Williams

Area Environmental Adviser: Mr George Dow (M) 07732 951205

Area Interfaith Advisor: The Revd Dr Jacob Devadason

Area Parish Ministry Development Adviser:   The Revd Shane Wood

Area Directors of IME: The Revd Anita Colpus (for 2012 & 2013 Deacons)
The Revd Simon Foster (for 2014 Deacons)

Area Warden of Readers: Mrs Jacqueline Dean (H) 01737 843389.

Archdeaconry SPAs
Croydon: Mrs Gerie Knight (H) 020 8657 7693.
Reigate: Mrs Dilys Southgate (H) 01342 832795.

Mothers’ Union
Croydon: Mrs Ann Squirrell (H) 020 8656 7823.
Mrs Norma McKnight (H) 020 8768 1110.
Reigate: Mrs Pearl Virno (H) 01737 761180.

Pastoral Care Adviser: The Revd Michael Elfred

Women’s Ministry Adviser: The Revd Angela Gbebikan

Croydon MEAC

When the Diocesan Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns Committee was established it was determined that issues affecting race relations at Episcopal Area level were vitally important and that a local presence should be maintained. The Croydon Area responded to this challenge by launching a group led by the Archdeacon of Reigate.


Mr Dean Hurlock (H) 020 3583 9321

Zimbabwe Link

The Croydon Episcopal Area is linked with the Diocese of Central Zimbabwe. We have strong links with Bishop Ishmael Mukuwanda, his clergy and parishes. The Croydon-Zimbabwe Link Working Group supports the diocese in prayer, with visits and practically in financing and encouraging projects. Parish-to-Parish links now exist and there is a new parallel Link Group in Gweru.


Mrs Rosemary Kempsell - 07780 534453
The Revd Len Abrams - 07941 095086

Confirmation Guidance and Templates

  1. Confirmation Summary – a list of 2016 confirmations and the presiding Bishop
  2. Order of service – standard template
  3. Preach & Preside Arrangements Form – standard template
  4. Some notes for the guidance of the Bishop’s Chaplain – standard template
  5. Candidate Details Form – Host parishes should distibute these to parishes presenting candidates
  6. Confirmation Returns Form – to be completed and returned to st Matthew’s House post service

Please refer to the Pastoral Regulations about Confirmations in the Diocesan Handbook, complete and return the relevant forms to Nadina Bedlow (PA to the Bishop of Croydon) at either or St Matthew’s House, 100 George Street, Croydon, CR0 1PJ at least two weeks before the Confirmation.

Confirmations – Useful Information for Croydon Episcopal Area Clergy

Useful Information For the Bishop

  • It would be helpful for the presiding Bishop to know what form of preparation the candidates have taken, including the titles of any resource material used. 
  • Similarly please indicate proposed plans for continuing the nurture of adult candidates, teenagers and children. 
  • The information you give on the Candidate Details form will help the presiding Bishop to prepare for the service by including the candidates for Baptism and Confirmation in their own prayers. 
  • Please also include any information about them that you feel it would be helpful to know. 
  • If for exceptional reasons you have any candidates under the age of ten you should consult with the Bishop of Croydon as soon as possible. 
  • Please make sure that other parishes who are presenting candidates are aware of this.
  • Please arrange for the presiding Bishop to meet all candidates 30 minutes before the service, this allows the Bishop time to get to know them and then pray with them. 

Readings, Readers and Music

  • Please use the readings as set for the date and found in the Common Lectionary. 
  • Please ensure that the choice of readers and musical items in the service reflect the range of people and groups who would normally contribute to worship in your church. 
  • Where intercessions are made they should be succinct and well led. 
  • It is increasingly the case that Confirmation candidates are prepared to give a word of testimony to the congregation explaining something of their own spiritual journey and their reasons for being confirmed; this is not compulsory and should be discussed prior to the service.

At the Confirmation

  • Those who are to be confirmed may either come up in pairs for the laying on of hands, or kneel along the communion rail. 
  • Names should be clearly written on cards to be held by the individual candidates. 
  • Where anointing is included, please provide oil and ensure that the presiding Bishop has a towel. 
  • Please introduce the candidate’s families to the Bishop after the service, when it will also be possible for photographs to be taken. 
  • Photographs must not be taken during the service.

The Confirmation Service

  • A standard template for an order of service is available to download.
  • Please ensure that a draft copy of the form of service is sent to Nadina Bedlow for approval prior to printing, ideally no later than two weeks before the actual service. 
  • Please also ensure that it is in line with the provision made in either Common Worship or the Book of Common Prayer.  In the case of ecumenical services, the service must comply with the ecumenical canons. 
  • A large print version (A4)will also be required for the presiding Bishop to use at the altar.  

Relevant Pastoral Regulations

  • You will note from the Pastoral Regulations that the names of those being baptised need to be in the register of the Church where the service takes place.  
  • The names of those being confirmed, however, are entered in the register of the parish presenting them. 
  • Please make sure that all the registers, together with any cards and books to be presented, are available for the presiding Bishop to sign, and not just before the service is due to start.